In this era of Information Technology , most of the team work remotely and so there you need a well maintained coordination . Although there are so many tools present in the market for project management like Slack. But these softwares just focus on the whole tea rather than focusing on each individual .

Unlike other apps , Taskeo focuses on each individual to increase the productivity .

What is Taskeo ?

Taskeo is an online communication tool where you can coordinate your team members and check what work has been done without any misunderstanding.

Taskeo Features :

  • Create unlimited projects, workspaces, and tasks private and shareable.
  • Track what your teammates are doing without any misunderstanding.
  • Track your productivity comfortably with no more stand-alone time trackers!
  • Distribute your workload evenly with Team View.
  • Monitor the progress of your projects with Project Burndown Charts.
  • Best for Startups, SMEs.

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What you will get in this offer ?

  • You will receive a set of 7 unique license keys that can be used for your team (up to 7 members).
  • You can create 7 different accounts and redeem the provided license keys to upgrade your accounts (one license key per account).
  • You can invite 7 upgraded users
  • Also, invite unlimited non-upgraded users