SEO a special technique which is based upon a lot of factors .Many people don't give a damn to the factors like website downtime, loading speed and page errors.In Fact, these are the factors which contributes to your SEO a lot.

Being a website owner, there is a fear that may be due to some technical issue or malware attack, your website may get removed .So to whom will you approach at this point ?

Let me introduce a magical tool available on the internet, that is , Hexometer.

What is Hexometer ?

Hexometer is a website monitoring tool that constantly tracks and measures over 2,800 data points to boost your web performance.


  • Get 24/7 website monitoring and real-time reporting with 2,800+ data points
  • Automate a task list to optimize your visibility and performance
  • Integrate apps and plugins that make running your website a breeze
  • Best for: Businesses, e-commerce platforms, and blog owners who want a simple, no-coding way to monitor their site

Best and Cheapest Offer for Hexometer

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What you will get in this deal ?

  • 5 Website(s)
  • 25,000 URLs per website
  • Uptime Monitoring frequency: each ~1 minute
  • Website scan frequency: Once per day
  • DNS Records & SSL Check
  • Broken Links Check
  • Meta Tags Analysis
  • Website analyze by Hexometer AI Tools
  • Full Automated Task System
  • Critical alerts log in dashboard
  • Notifications by email & SMS
  • Full Dashboard access
  • Export reports to CSV