There are so many platform through which you market your product or service like facebook, instagram or even through search engine like google.

A digital marketing expert never underestimate the power of eMail Marketing since it is the most powerful and one of the oldest way of marketing.

But only some people are expert in it not all :(

That's why hiring a email marketing expert is costly !

So you would leave the plan to market your product through email or you would increase your marketing budget ?

The answer is you can do email marketing in your reasonable budget only, but how?

So, we are introducing you to FAM.

What is FAM ?

FAM provides you the platform to write, design and even send emails for your shopify store.


  • All-in-one app for writing, designing and sending emails
  • Pull data from your shopify store
  • Best for shopify store owners


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What you will get in this offer ?

  • Email marketing — done for you
  • Tested and proven emails
  • All available email types
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Design aligned with your brand
  • Generate up to $1,500 monthly revenue from FAM emails
  • 5% fee for additional revenue generated by FAM over $1,500
  • Emails sent from branded FAM subdomain
  • Light FAM text branding