Now a days, generating traffic is the hardest part for any blogger, youtuber or any social media platform. Your content becomes more and more viral as it got share by its viewers. Therefore, you need to make your audience share your content as much as possible. So the only way to do the same is by Giveaways. 

Artistically speaking, a giveaway is a fun way to grow your audience while giving back to your fans.

Now, the question arises, how to run a perfect giveaway for your audience  So , the best tool for running a giveaway I have ever used is KingSumo .

What is KingSumo ?

KingSumo is a platform that helps you to create virtual platform so that you can easily grow your audience while giving them something back.

KingSumo Features

  • Grow your Email list by creating interactive giveaways in seconds
  • Get tons of leads from facebook or instagram ads.
  • Best tools for entrepreneurs


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  • Lifetime access to KingSumo Pro
  • Run Unlimited number of Giveaways
  • Embed the code on any site -: including wordpress , blogger or Squarespace
  • Integrations with SendFox, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier
  • Export your giveaway entries into CSV file.
  • Pick the winner randomly.
  • All the pro features .