Letz talk about FUNNELS.

1% vs 2% vs 10% marketing funnels.

Most entrepreneurs overcomplicate marketing sooooo much.

Here's what a typical marketing funnel looks like:

(See "THE OLD WAY" diagram below).

1- Someone sees your ad and opts-in for a free webinar (or some sort of free

2- They see a thank you page, then get emails reminding them to attend.

3- They go to a webinar meeting room and wait for the webinar to start (which 9
times out of 10 is automated anyway)

4- They attend the webinar and get a pitch to hop on a call at the end.

5- They schedule a call/buy right away (or get nurture emails to schedule a

A lotta steps, right?


BONUS: You get a heap of support tickets from peeps who missed the webinar or
had technical issues and want to know if there's a replay

Does this funnel work? Yeah.

There are people who have scaled their business to 8-figures using one webinar
funnel like this.


1- They have a proven, mass market appeal offer.

2- Their offer is generally targeted at beginners in the market.

3- They spend $100,000s meticulously tweaking every step in the funnel (so more
people opt-in, more people attend the webinar, and more people schedule a
strategy session).

For the right business, this funnel is great (once all the tweaks are made).

But... for most online businesses, this funnel is overkill.

I decided to try something a lil' bit simpler.

Here's what my simple funnel looks like:

(See "THE NEW WAY" diagram below).

1- Someone sees your ad and opts-in for a case study (or some sort of free

2- They get the case study IMMEDIATELY.

3- They schedule a call/buy right away (or get nurture emails to schedule a

Notice what ISN'T here:

No thank you page.

No email followup to get people to see the content.

No waiting room.

No webinar software.


People's attention span these days are shorter than ever.

People don't want to wait to get the content you promised them.

With this new way, you can skip all the steps in the middle, have a happier
prospect, and higher funnel conversion rate at the same time.

The problem?

You'll notice both of these funnels start with ads.

Ads are a great way to scale, but all seasoned ad buyers know you need to "buy
data" to find winning ad/audience/offer combinations.

Often you need to spend a minimum of $6k just to buy enough data to find some
winning combinations.

Most people lose patience at this stage and simply can't afford all the testing
that goes into building a winning ad campaign.

(Or simply don't know how to run a proper test).

If this is you, I found an organic method to get clients without ads.

This is the funnel:

(See "THE ORGANIC WAY" diagram below).

1- Someone gets your case study IMMEDIATELY from a partner who promotes you.

2- They get added to your email list and schedule a call/buy right away (or get
nurture emails to schedule a call/buy).

In this funnel you completely remove the landing page.

This makes the math on your funnel work even better!

Plus, you get the trust transfer from a partner promoting you to their warm

With this funnel:

All you have to do is focus on creating one great case study...

Then promote it over and over again with different partners.

And if it doesn't convert the the first time?

Try again.

You lost $0 on ads.

Once you get enough clients/make enough cash flow using this method, you can
then use the simple ad funnel I showed you to scale.

(And RE-USE the same case study).

Not complicated, right?

The biggest "trick" is in writing a killer case study that converts, finding the
right partners and knowing what to say.

On Monday, February 1 I'm going to be helping 5 peeps do this 1-on-1. I'll be
helping you figure out:

1- What your content topic needs to be for the case study.

2- Who the partners need to be.

3- What you need to send to the partners so it's win-win.

You just bring your service that you've sold before and you know gets killer
results for your clients.

If you want in, please hit up my man

Leandro Langeani

who has all the coaching deets.

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