Let's imagine there's a scheme where you pay 2L every year for the first 10
years and you get 1CR after 30 years.

You've gained 80L in 30 years, is that bad?

Let's find out.

Total Money Invested: 20L (2L each for 10 years)
Amount at Maturity: 1CR
Capital Gain: 80L
Time Period: 30 Years

Now if you find out the annualized returns here, it'll be 6.44%.

Is that good or bad?

You take a call.

Whenever someone's trying to sell you plans like these, make sure you check the
returns you're getting.

Absolute numbers will always attract you.

Percentage will show you a different picture.

Do you agree with me? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Originally posted by Anupam Roongta on LinkedIn
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