Let's explore my LinkedIn inbox within 1300 characters 🤷‍♀




"How are you?"


"Do you need a secondary income?"

"Invest 5 hours in a week to earn twice your current income"

"We have business opportunities for you as a part-time offer"

"I am currently looking for a job. Can you please hire me?" (Please do wait for
at least 5 years until I open my startup)


"Your posts are awesome"

"I don't agree with your post"

"We would require your help with our website content"

"I would like to know more about content writing and digital marketing"

"How do you post consistently on LinkedIn?"

"We are inviting you as a speaker for our webinar"

"Can you please guide me with my resume/ job search?"

Those 10% are the reason why I come back to LinkedIn daily.


How is your LinkedIn inbox?

Angappa Hardik Ramesh

Originally posted by Amrita Angappa on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/amrita-angappa-19011212b