We hired someone who was late to her job interview - she’s one of the most timely people on our team.

We hired someone without a college degree - her creativity and work ethic are unmatched.

We hired a single mom - she is THE most committed and dependable woman I know.

We hired someone 55+ with zero startup experience- she‘s got more energy than I do and her internet skills are unmatched.

Can we please throw out these “rules” about what a person needs to be, look like, have accomplished, and do to succeed?

It’s the people that are underestimated that will give you their best. I know this first hand as one of those people.

Before you throw away that resume because they don’t have every degree on earth or lack 10+ years of industry experience...

Think about doing something new.

And give someone new a chance to shine ⚡️🌱