Lessons I learned from 5 successful French entrepreneurs who raised $568 million
in total for their businesses.

Jonathan Anguelov




1. Prepare your deck well

2. Know your metrics by heart

3. Avoid contacting all VCs around you

4. Build a relationship with the VC

5. Take notes when you discuss with your VC, know if they focus on retention,
metrics, etc.

Rodolphe Ardant




1. Be clear when you want to fundraise

2. Build and maintain a good relationship with the VC with which you’ll work

3. Be transparent in showcasing your metrics and all your business reports

4. Get your team to meet the VC

Rachel Delacour

(BIME Analytics)

1. Decide if you communicate publicly about the fundraising. If yes, choose the
right message

2. Build a relationship with your VC

3. Research your VC; connect to founders that they invest in

4. Make sure your team is aligned with the fundraising

Nicolas Dessaigne




1. Build a relationship with your VC

2. Be aware that all VCs take notes, so avoid over-pitching

3. Do your homework: understand how funds work

(Recommendation: Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture
Capitalist by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson)

Alexis Fogel






1. Know when it’s the right moment to fundraise

2. Predict how you’ll use the money

3. Have a clear strategy and anticipate your next moves

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