Left : Taken right after my winter break. Body loaded with fried food and sugar
(Jan 7th)

Right : 1 month of clean satvik eating + Lifting 3-4 times weekly. No meat, no
eggs (Feb 7th)

Daily diet :
- Ash gourd juice in the morning
- Fruits after 30 mins
- Big bowl of raw veg after 30 mins
- Sprouts along with lime juice
- Boiled chhole and brown rice khichdi after an hour
- 2 hours later, first plant protein shake.
- Sattu + Peanuts an hour later.
- Then I workout.
- After my workout I'd consume a smoothie of pea protein, cocoa powder, handful
of soaked nuts, 3 bananas and maybe some dried figs.

{I follow an intermittent fasting lifestyle. First meal at 1pm, last meal at

Of course, I've been lifting since 2012. My body's muscle memory is in top

Ate meat for 6 years of my lifting life. Only turned veg in 2018. Was always
hesitant about giving up meat because I thought I'd lose muscle... but here I
am... not even touching eggs...

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