Left corporate salary worth ₹40000+,
Started business with ₹25000,
Made first sale only worth ₹600! 😔

No knowledge for marketing,
No knowledge of creative designing.
No knowledge of content writing,
No SEO and No SMO too!

How could I do that,
As I Was having No money!

Every one else ,
who started along with me
were performing way ahead & better...
and I was filled with disappointments and distrusts from my own people!

The only way left was to wait,
grow organic by delivering best & different
to customers consistently so that they spread word of mouth & we get business!

It took 4 days for me to go ahead with it,
and today even after 4 years,
our growth is still with the same strategy but much much faster.🙂

No matter how loud you shout,
What works best is always word of mouth.🙂

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