Lead Generation

Turbochange your lead generation using your own niche sub-reddits

Reddit truly lives up to its moniker as the internet's front page.

It's just chock full of different niche discussions.

Not surprisingly, it's a great place to generate leads in the form of emails.

You have to build your own sub-reddit to pull it off, otherwise, you're going to
probably get banned for spamming because people on Reddit are very touchy.

The key is to come up with niche-targeted sub-reddits you control where you
reshare content from niche related social media, or social media platforms, or
even other sub-reddits.

You can share a freebie on your sub-reddit to get people to sign up for your
mailing list.

You can then send updates to filter your leads into general users and buyers.

Posted by Michael Andrew on Facebook
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