Last year, I was fired for not coming to office on a Sunday.

There were no special occasions or urgencies, except the boss's ego.

On that Sunday, my boss called me and asked me to come to the office.

I had my Sunday planned with a few events - catching up with a few friends,
planning my next week, working on own stuff. So I refused.

He said "Dipanshu, this won't work between us. Maybe we shouldn't work together

That was it. I visited the office a few days later to return their laptop.

They were a profitable small service based company with less than a dozen
employees. I had been working with them for 2 months, but I didn't expect this

Anyway, I didn't do anything for a week and recovered from this shock.

A week later, I started applying for jobs, giving interviews. A week after that
I joined a new company and got the best team ever to work with.

No matter how weird the stuff goes, you pause, reflect, and move on.

That's what I learned in 2019, and it helped me immensely in 2020.

What have you learned in 2020 that will help you in 2021?


Posted by Dipanshu Rawal on LinkedIn