Last week, Whitney Wolfe Herd made history, becoming the youngest female CEO to
take a company public 🙌.

Whitney's story is truly admirable, and will hit home for Next Gen HQ
entrepreneurs around the world. Early in her career, she struggled to realize
her passion. Whitney knew connecting people was her calling, so she joined the
founding team of Tinder, but even then she felt there was more she could do.

In 2014, Whitney left Tinder with the aim of creating a comfortable and
empowering online dating space for women. Her pursuit expanded beyond dating to
networking and friendship, and the result - Bumble - is now officially an $8B
public company 🤯.

Whitney embraced her core values to build her dream company and life. That's
what call #momentum! Congratulations to Whitney and her brilliant team on an
inspiring accomplishment 🙏.

#bumble #entrepreneurship

Originally posted by Dylan Gambardella on LinkedIn