Last week someone asked me what I meant by “brand marketing” and how I defined
“brand,” and I gave a rambling, incoherent 5-minute response. Why wasn’t I able
to better answer that question, given that I spend almost all my time thinking,
writing, and speaking about brand marketing?

Some possible explanations that occurred to me as I cried myself to sleep that

1) The marketing industry has no commonly accepted definition of brand. There
are 26 competing definitions of brand in the academic literature. How can we
sell it in and do it better if we don’t even agree on what “it” is?

2) “Brand” is potentially too broad a concept to be useful in everyday business

3) Maybe the answer to “what is brand?” needs to change depending on who is
asking the question. For sales it’s a way of increasing the likelihood that
prospects agree to meet with you and take your calls. For finance it’s a way of
increasing future cash flows and pricing power.

How do y’all define #brand, and why isn’t it easier to define?

Posted by Peter Weinberg on LinkedIn