Last week I shared this flowchart with my team at Springworks.
I believe it draws a picture of how we can collaborate better as remote workers.

It’s a great way of deciding when to use Slack/Microsoft Teams, email and plan a
real-time meeting.
We can follow simplified thumb rules too.
👉🏻Example: If you can say something over text, text.

But when I say text, I don’t mean chat.
Be elaborate with your texts.

Ask yourself:
👉🏻 Was I clear enough?
👉🏻 Did I mention everything?
👉🏻 Will the recipient comprehend with minimum back & forth?

That way we save time, energy and get work done much faster.

And if you want to share something that is difficult to communicate with just
text, you don’t necessarily need to set up a meeting.

We ourselves use Loom for recording grooming videos, knowledge transfers and
product suggestions.
Only when there is inevitable back & forth involved, we opt for real-time

This keeps our calendars free.
It lets us work on tasks at-bat with lesser interruptions.

Originally posted by Kartik Mandaville on LinkedIn