Last week, I did a quick thought exercise to see how people think about
education. I was glad to see that almost everyone who commented saw that
education is not only about content.
Sharing some of my learnings over the past 5 years. Learning something major
takes time, and hence it is a lot more about:
- Consistency (just like body-building, it's about being consistent for a long
period of time)
- Motivation (The more you dream, the easier for you to push yourself to not
give up)
- Mentorship (Having an elder sibling persona, who has been there done that,
telling you 1:1 what you need to fix)
- Support ecosystem that continuously unblocks you (just like college peers or
- and finally, content that is structured (Can't learn calculus before learning

And easiest hack for most of the above is a very engaged community. A community
of people who want to give back.
Education is hardly about content. It is mostly about people you learn with.
IITs are IITs because of people who go there to learn.

Why am I telling you all this? So that, next time when you pick a major learning
goal, find learning peers and learning seniors. They will ease your journey.
One big secret sauce of Scaler Academy is it's community :)
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