Last week, I acquired a link and brand mention from Forbes. It was my 14th(!)
link from Forbes. Coincidence? Nope. Luck? Hell no!

It wasn't a press release.

It wasn't a sponsored post, either.

So, what are Forbes linking to?

Original research.

But, it's not just Forbes.

In the last 30 days, the research has earned links from Entrepreneur, The
Telegraph, Hubspot, CXL, Zendesk and Boston University.

These are BIG links that have a huge impact on organic search performance.

To date, the research I've published has:

· Earned 2,290 backlinks
· From 1,170 referring domains
· Generated 160,000 organic search visits
· Leading to 5,565 qualified leads

How can you conduct original research?

1. Send out a survey to your customers, ask questions about industry trends and
then publish the answers on your blog.

2. Analyze websites in your industry, record best practices/ mistakes and then
publish that as research.

3. Run a targeted ad (poll) on Twitter, collect the results and publish them on
your website.

Conducting original research has played a huge role in growing organic search
traffic from 30,000 visits per year to 2 million visits per year.

So, if you want to get links from Forbes, publish original research!

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