LAST CALL: Work with me over March 1st - April 30, 2021 to grow your content
No funny business. Just me, you and a private Slack thread.
Performance guarantee included. Most frequently asked questions about the offer:
š–š”š² ššš„š„ š­š”šž š…šŽšŒšŽ š°š¢š­š” šŸšŸŽ š¬š©šØš­š¬? š“š”ššš­'š¬ šœš”šžšžš¬š²
All our individual products can be purchased at any time from the "Products"
navigation link on our website.
If things are tough for you right now, start with our beginners training to
begin making progress in your business today for 10x less than this program.
The reason this offer is limited to 10 people is because it includes 1-on-1
support for the first 10 beta members and I can't physically work with more than
10 people at once 1-on-1 and still give a high level of support.
Yes, I could hire coaches and charge more. And I might do that in the future.
But first, I want to help make the first 10 beta members super successful
Your performance is guaranteed in this program because I work with you 1-on-1.
You won't find any universities or online courses who guarantee your performance
like I do in this program.
šˆ š”šššÆšž š§šØ šœš„š¢šžš§š­š¬. š–š¢š„š„ š­š”š¢š¬ š¬š­š¢š„š„ š°šØš«š¤ šŸšØš«
It can... but... it will be a little harder if you have no past client
There is content we can create (like topics covering other successful businesses
and icons in your niche) to put you on the map.
For example, if you want to become a highly-paid interior design consultant we
can create content on a topic like "How To Design Your Home Like Oprah Winfrey"
to get you your first clients.
But you need to be willing to put in much more time to research a topic like
š‚ššš§ šˆ š›š«š¢š§š  šš š­šžššš¦ š¦šžš¦š›šžš« š°š¢š­š” š¦šž?
Yes! I can help train your team to do content the "Content Mavericks way" so
they can apply my methods inside your business for you.
Once you signup, private message me inside Slack to let me know the name and
email of your team member.
I'll get them added to our private thread so we can all work on growing your
business together.
š‡šØš° š¦š®šœš” š­š¢š¦šž ššš§š šžšŸšŸšØš«š­ (šØš« š¢š§šÆšžš¬š­š¦šžš§š­
šŸš¢š§ššš§šœš¢ššš„š„š²) š°š¢š„š„ š¢š­ š­ššš¤šž š­šØ š šžš­ š¦š² šŸš¢šÆšž
"š š«šžššš­šžš¬š­ š”š¢š­š¬" ššš„š„ ššØš§šž?
This will depend on your individual situation:
1- If it's your first time ever writing anything online, I recommend you
allocate ~40 hours per "greatest hit."
2- If you're more experienced, allocate ~20 hours per "greatest hit."
3- If you'd like to hire a writer inside Content Mavericks to help you, you want
to budget $500-$1,000 per "greatest hit."
This might seem like a lot... but you're making marketing assets you will be
leveraging in your marketing daily to drive leads and sales.
You want everything your new prospects see to be remarkable so people are
excited to subscribe and buy from you.
If this stuff was easy and only took a few hours, everyone would be doing it.
That's why most normal content falls flat.
If you've got another question, throw it down below.
If you wanna jump in before the end of the weekend, the sales page is below:

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