Lambs with Pens🐑

So yesterday I became a part of this exclusive group, and someone casually
brought up the GIFs I use in my posts.

So guys, if it ain't that obvious, here's the reason why I love using them-


It's so easy to scroll past to the next thing on social media unless something
breaks the flow.

Something that screams for attention and grabs you by your collar👔 to open it

This is how you can do it too-

• Give your titles an adrenaline shot.
(See what catches instant attention.)😎💀

• Play around with color themes.
(Try out B&W, monochrome, or any other you know.)👨‍🎤👩‍🎤

• Use various mediums- videos, images, carousels, audios, and obviously, GIFs.

• Emojis are free. Use them. 🙈

• EXPERIMENT A LOT because that's where you get better.


Doing this will give you a better chance to funnel the viewers into your content
pool and increase engagement.

P.S. Btw I'm a nobody. James Laurain is the real deal when it comes to GIFs.

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Posted by Shubham Gupta on LinkedIn