Koo app, India's answer to Twitter. Is it?

I highly respect Govt. "Atamnirbhar" Initiative.

But aren't we celebrating too early and unfairly?

Self-reliance on our own products is a good sign of development of the country

Even we at Startup Monk is trying to build something which is already in Silicon

But is it fair to celebrate winning because the other team is forced to quit the
game by the people who are organizing it?


We should work to create better products and take the fight to the arena?

Will that going to create the right conducive environment for Innovations?

Fear kills creativity and innovation ( I am not talking about Free Speech, will
keep that for my Twitter account :) )

Just think?

What kind of playground we want to leave for our future generations.




( And please dare not give an example of China and their regulation )

Would love to have your opinion/insight on it.


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