Just remember - Everything happens with a reason and for your good.

You were rejected in an interview, only to get a better job later! A failed
interview is not the last one.

You did not get proper matrimonial proposals, only to get a good match suddenly!

Your engagement broke, because the other person was too possessive and you will
get a person who gives you your space.

Your boss is humiliating you and may be forcing you to look for another job. It
may be good for you as you don't deserve such boss !

Your posts did not get any traction, only to make you stronger and force you to
write consistently.

Plenty of examples..

Whenever some thing not to your liking happens, believe that some thing better
is waiting for you.

PS: Some one is throwing stones at me and waiting for him to be crushed under
his own stones ! Just kidding :-)

Posted by Ramesh Kumar on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/brameshkumar