Jose Antonio Avina II is the CEO of Sacramento Eco Fitness, a "green gym”
dedicated to producing renewable energy through its patrons' workouts.

They gym uses cycles that have built-in micro inverters-the same technology that
solar panels and wind turbines use to convert natural energy into electricity-to
harvest the watts generated when you pedal.

The gym also recently debuted an ECO-POWR treadmill that can harvest energy
generated during a run.

A single bike can generate as much as 200 watts per hour, and one spin class
produces enough energy to power two fridges for 24 hours.

The gym's battery can also be used to power lights and charge cell phones and
laptops. The results are apparent in the gym's energy bill-after debuting the
new equipment, its electricity costs dropped from $680 to $30 per month.

Healthy people and a healthy planet? We're definitely on board!

Sacramento Eco Fitness

Originally posted by Talal Al Murad on LinkedIn