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This post is in continuation to my previous post where I talked about job search
via AngelList.

Here I’m gonna specifically focus on job search via LinkedIn.

Firstly, you need to know how to leverage LinkedIn the right way (check my

I’m assuming that’s sorted by now.

Going ahead,

Job search via LinkedIn has two parts:

💡 Using LinkedIn as a job portal

💡 Networking

First is intuitive.

Second needs to be talked about.

You need to know ‘networking’ to get you that dream job.

Disclaimer: It’s time taking but really effective.

5 ways to get that dream job via LinkedIn:

💡 Make a list of companies you are targeting.

💡 Find relevant people who are working there.

💡 Send personalised invites.

💡 Build a great relationship by providing value.

💡 Pitch yourself.

Bonus: Never ask for a job straight away.

That’s all you need!

I can’t elaborate more in a single post.

But I do want to explain this process in detail to help you get that dream job.

I’m gonna elaborate on all these pointers in the form of an article.

If you’re interested,

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