Jeff Bezos in 2020
Net worth rose 67% to $192 billion
Charity donations equaled 0.5% of his net worth
Amazon's higher worker pay and bonuses equaled 1.3% of his net worth

As a fellow CEO/founder who owes everything to workers, I can't imagine how
someone could hoard that much wealth. Amazon could have quadrupled its worker
pay and bonus increases and still been more profitable than last year. Bezos
could personally given every one of Amazon's 1.2 million employees a bonus of
$60,000 and still been richer than he was at the start of the pandemic.

At Gravity Payments a few miles from Amazon HQ, our small business revenue fell
1% from a year ago but we cut expenses elsewhere (like travel) to give out small
raises and bonuses. As CEO of a big business, or a startup with VC investing,
I'd be fired for doing this. That's why you see dozens of CEOs get year-end
bonuses for slashing staff to remain profitable. The incentives are all wrong.

Posted by Dan Price on LinkedIn