It was 1987.

A middle-class family,

We’re all told to be an engineer or a doc:

But life had other plans.

It all changed with a 30-min aptitude test.

Then, if you weren’t an engineer or a doc,

You’d failed.

Everyone was told to take up engineering.

But it’s not my cup of tea.

One day, in 11th grade,

An aptitude test was floated.

The idea-

It could tell what you’d be good at.

I took it.

The results were clear:

“Anand wouldn’t do well in engg. He’s suited for business though.”

I didn't know about "suited for business",

But knew what "not suited for engg" meant.

It changed everything.

Dropped the bomb on my folks.

I was the only one in town to blow the entrance.

I took up science.

Then I heard about MBA- didn't know what it meant.

The test flashed in front of me.

"Suited for business"- THIS was it.

Passed the entrance & got in.

Many companies, countries & products later,

Life lead to leaving corporate world at 46 & engaging in my passion & purpose.

How did I get here?


It doesn’t matter what they tell you.

Be true to yourself and play by YOUR rules,

And choose what you’re meant to do.

And be.

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