It takes me 1.8 years to get a number 1 ranking.

Not just any keyword. Absolute monsters. Keywords that Salesforce, HubSpot and
Zendesk have at the top of their SEO strategy.

Words that can put your company in front of millions of buyers.

Keywords like social selling, sales pipeline, B2B sales, customer journey, sales
cycle, tech support and customer complaints.

Those 7 topics have a combined global search volume of 175,000 per month.

Add in longtail, and that's more than 2.5 million searches per year!

Sure, 1.8 years might sound like a long time.

But that’s how I think about content: Long-term.

When I create content today, I'm looking at 1-2 years into the future. I’m not
trying to rank content next week or a month from now.

Sure, it’ll make the first page and climb up the rankings, but I’m talking about
position 1 – and “stealing” that top spot from the world’s biggest brands.

That takes time.

And it requires patience.

A content strategy isn't an on/ off switch.

Once you start, you keep going.

You do not stop.

So, while I expect 3+ million content visits in 2020, my eye is firmly on the 4
to 5 million content visits I'll be getting in 2021.

Those pieces are already in play.

How long does it take for you get a number one ranking?

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