It's time we stop romanticising "Fake it till you Make it"

Don't fake it to your friends..

Don't fake it to your customers..

And above all..

Don't fake it to "yourself"

You are capable of being what you desire, and achieving what you want..

Admit your shortcomings and resolve to changing it...

Covering your shortcomings with a blanket of fake confidence isn't going to
change anything..

Be honest to yourself and make that 1% improvement..

Don't feel belittled by other's success..

Success doesn't happen over night..

It's not a sprint... It's a marathon

This post is a reminder for me as well for the days when I might find this path

Don't take this route...

Make it ... Don't fake it!

We have enough so called "influencers" doing that already..

Don't you agree?

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