It's said to be truly happy, be grateful.

The last 10 days have been absolutely a roller coaster ride. So much action has
happened on Leher App and there is so much more to come.

At Leher we started the journey roughly 2 years 10 months ago to build a social
network around discussions. Our belief has been that the world needs more
empathy and conversations are the best way to unite people and bring them

Our perseverance to solve this problem has made it possible for us to be here
and serve everyone with a platform that is more inclusive and built with global

This wouldn't be possible without the hard work, belief, love, and efforts of
many, even the disbelievers provided strength.

Thank you!
My team: Atul Aditya Siddharth Utkarsh Ameya Anshul karan Asmita shashikant Balu

Early Believer, friends,
Giridhar RISHIRAJ Kavitha Dhananjay Ramesha Pradeep @Sandeep Vinit Ashwani Lalit
Sumit sapna

Leher Community:
Ravisutanjani Prayas Jasnoor Kamonasish Aayush Jai Vardhan Maanav Taruna Vikrama
Priyank ..

Well Wishers:
Sindhu Sriram Rashi Jagmeet Ashish

Many more:
Subrata Shailesh Hemant Karthik ...more in comments

Originally posted by Vikas Malpani on LinkedIn