It’s hard to show up day after day in your job search.

But that’s usually the difference between landing an offer or adding one more
rejection letter to the pile.

Check this out:

Habit expert James Clear talks about being “1% better every day.”

Why one percent?

Because the results are MASSIVE when compounded over time.

If you are 1% worse every day - due to laziness, despair, ineffectiveness, etc -
you decline to ~zero.

If you are 1% better every day, you may not see the results tomorrow or next

But over the course of a year, the results come back 37x.

It’s the little things we do every day that make or break our success.


Before you submit that resume, ask yourself, "how can I make this 1% better?”

Before you send that networking email, ask yourself, “how can I make this 1%

Before you put away your interview prep materials, tell yourself, “let me put in
1% more.”

Then have faith.

Know that the 1% you’re putting in today is adding up and it’s going to come
back 37x down the line.

37x the happiness in your new role.

37x the future earning potential vs. what you might have been offered.

37x the potential in your career trajectory and your life.

All of those things are possible, that’s why you’re grinding.

But it starts with 1% today.

Posted by Austin Belcak on LinkedIn