It’s been nearly 2 years since I came across this post via a tweet by Jason
Fried (Basecamp’s Co-Founder), and yet it is as relevant as it was back then.

Show this piece of content to any professional in the industry and observe the
way they nod in appreciation. Every single point mentioned in this post is like
a condensed insight, relatable to every agency’s leaders.

The conciseness and ingenuity of this piece has a balance that I’m yet to see in
any other contract. It is straight to the point without being rude, empathetic
without a sly undertone, and voices both sides of the professional relationship.

It takes me back to the early days of my career when I was learning these facets
the hard way. The point being, be it your business or professional life, the
only reason things don’t work out is when there’s a mismatch of expectations.

And that’s what this contract gets right!

P.S. Use this script and alter it to suit your company’s needs. I promise you’ll
have a lot fewer headaches in 2021.

Posted by Waqar Azeem on Facebook