It's been a month since I’ve moved back to my grandparent’s home in Mumbai.

Aside from the long hours at BimaPe, I have found my schedule permits some time
to get back to reading!

Books have helped me make better decisions by learning from the experience of
others! Some books ('Hard Things' & 'High Output Management') have been
particularly helpful since lessons learned can be applied in work.

In December, I reviewed the following books:
1. Radical Candor
2. Psychology of Money
- Must read!
3. Measure What Matters
4. How I Almost Blew It
- Must read! (especially if you're in the Indian startup ecosystem)
5. Trillion Dollar Coach
6. Principles

I've penned key takeaways and my 'honest review' for each of the books here:

I look forward to your thoughts, comments & book recommendations!
#startups #india

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn