It's about time that companies invested in software for individuals as much as
they invest in software for teams.

There are so many tools out there for individuals that could improve how they
work. While tools like Slack, Zoom and Notion (only recently) are table stakes,
individuals are still stuck with free tools like the default notes app for note
taking or Google Draw for sketching.

Based on your role, there are many individual paid tools that could help you do
your job. Some examples below

Note taking
- Roam Research
- Evernote(Premium)

Thinking Tools
- Whimsical
- Scapple
- Mindmeister

Calendar & Task Management
- Things 3
- TickTick
- Fantastical

Focus & Mental Health
- Freedom
- Forest
- Headspace

General Productivity
- Alfred
- Text Expander

These tools are expensive. But if they're utilized properly, they can heavily
contribute to individual productivity and therefore to organisational

Posted by Sanjeev NC on LinkedIn