It is Important to breakdown your metrics in Facebook Ads while you are checking
out the reports.

The breakdown column is of 4 types :

* By Time

* By Delivery

* By Action

* By Dynamic Creative Element (Only works when you enable and use Dynamic

Data Gives you insights, which in turn helps you to further plan and run your
campaigns which in-turn Generate Leads and Sales (Profitably)

For example, If I have 2000 Purchases in my Campaign.

I want to break it down and explore from which country am I getting more sales,
what is the age group, the region, the exact placement?

If 1300 Purchases came from Spain, Specific Age Group which bought = 30-45,
Mobile App News feed = 800 Purchases, IG feed = 300 Purchases, IG Stories: 200

This is a very simple set/segment, there are tons of metrics you can breakdown,
analyze, and plan/optimize your campaign according to for future performances.

Heck, you can even optimize for the time of the day when your ads are performing
the best.

Running a Campaign is 1 thing, Optimizing it for Cumulative Profit Generation is
the next level altogether.

More Insights coming soon!

Posted by Karan Parwani on Facebook