Is your company culture stunting your revenue?

When your revenue isn't where it should be, the first thing people do is try to
add tactics.

They try new gadgets, new toys and new techniques.

They get in the latest fad method or try out new gadgets.

You get a short term lift, but that ceiling is still there.

...or you have a revenue yo-yo.

Despite what you throw at it, your barely nudge the revenue needle.

This is common in many businesses, particularly those with larger sales teams.

The difference is culture.

It's a cultural problem.

The way your organisation works (not the processes) but the the way it thinks,
decides and uses processes.

If you build a culture of short termism, the business will focus on short term

There is no compounding effect and so you float around the same numbers every

You can only break that cycle with the right culture, strategy, tactics and

A few years back I consulted with a business which had a run of annual losses.

For years on the run they had racked up losses.

But in one year, we worked together and reversed this...

They turned a million in profit.

It starts with culture.

If you don't change the culture, your strategy, tactics and tools will never
achieve all they can....

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Originally posted by Dean Seddon on LinkedIn