Is there any edtech online teaching startup or an entrepreneur who can see &
understand the potential of the rural market of India? Nowadays, most of the
Indian edtech startups are only targeting 30% of the market which is tier A & B
kind of cities, but what about the other 70% of the market? Don’t you think that
has a big potential?

India has some big unicorns when it comes to edtech online teaching, but the
real question is, are they affordable in rural parts of the country? I don’t
think so. Why I am saying this because I have also seen & experienced it. I come
from a place called Ballia in UP where the majority of the parents aren’t
capable of providing access to the quality education because of too much money.

It doesn’t mean those kids will be left out of education; they have enough right
to get access to quality education. As per my understanding, India needs an
edtech online teaching company which can truly understand the potential of that
70% of the market.

I heard one of the unicorn edtech founders saying that “We want to educate India
by educating each and every child of the country” I really respect his
statement, but to make this happen he himself & his company has to lower the
charges than what it is now.

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Posted by Amrit chaubey on LinkedIn