Is there a secret ingredient to the success of all startups and businesses?

Does such a secret ingredient exist? In my view, this secret ingredient is...

Customer Retention.

Early-stage companies can only see growth in user base only if they are able to
retain their existing customers to use or pay for the company's product.

Large giants like Google, Netflix, Byjus expect their users to use and pay for
their services on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, thus inherently depending
on customer retention.

As a matter of fact, did you know the traditional Automobile industry's business
model also depends on customer retention?

Once the vehicle is sold, you need to pay for the vehicle servicing on a
recurring basis.

Comment your views below. Let me know if you agree with me.
Share more details if you are aware of any successful business that does not
rely on customer retention.

Originally posted by Eashaan Baberwal on LinkedIn