Is the high fee of top tier B-schools in India justified?

The debate over this issue has generated more heat than light!

My personal view is that the high fees of top B-schools in India are justified.

1) IIMs are autonomous bodies. They don't receive any funding from the

2) Most of the B-schools in India are striving hard to reach global standards,
so they need funds to sponsor research as they don’t have much endowments.

3) All the top tier B-schools in India have admirable infrastructure,
classrooms, world-class libraries, better learning tools, and top quality

4) Top B-schools in India provide placements. They invest a lot of time and
resources in dealing with the top management firms at the time of placements.

Also, top B-schools have provisions for financial aid for those in need.

I have never met any student studying in a top B-school who has dropped out
because of financial reasons.

Thus, the Return on Investment for a highly ranked MBA program is good because
the high fees is compensated by a handsome package.

But internet is disrupting education and bringing efficiencies. Future is

What’s your view? Let me know in the comments.

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Posted by Professor Seema Gupta on LinkedIn