Is it true that people with empty or squeezed pockets think of more possible
ways to overcome the crisis and create opportunities for them?

Hopefully, bootstrapped startups understand this well.

This leads to a rise in disruptive solutions too.

If someone says, folks with empty pockets would get desperate and that’s not a
good state to be in as one may end up making opportunistic/short term punts.

Then he/she should understand that the short term opportunities will at least
fill the empty pockets and allow the opportunist to think deeper into it,

Still, if someone doubts if it is entrepreneurship...

He/she should understand that product prototypes built to validate a concept is
also a short term punt keeping in mind the opportunist is cashing in upfront
fees from prospective clients.

Now the question is, will you call it entrepreneurship if empty pocket built a
solution in short-term, collects upfront fees from clients and use it to fund
the upgraded version of the product?

If not, what will you call it?