Is cold emailing not working out for you? Have you tried these tactics?

Cold emailing has been one of the most profitable lead generation techniques for

It is an 🔥 extremely powerful tool 🔥 that will change the course of your
freelance writing career, only when you get it right!

If you haven’t been getting any satisfactory results from cold emailing, then I
urge you to try and experiment with these things. You might just land your next
big client!

✅ Start your email with a hint of appreciation. Appreciate their last LinkedIn
post, any content they published, or even a cute pic of their pet. Ensure that
you personalize these and do not sound generic.

✅ Keep your introduction brief - stick to 2 to 3 sentences. Instead of
elongating your introduction, talk about how you can help them with your skills.

✅ End your email with a strong CTA. Ask if they are free for a call this week,
instead of saying things like “maybe if you think that probably I might help you
out in some way” - NO!

✅ Create a professional-looking email signature using free online tools. This
will help you build a strong connection and develop trust right from the first

Do you have any other cold emailing tactics to share?

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Posted by Anusha Sriram on LinkedIn