Invisible Human Cracks

Should we fear what is unknown to us? My answer is yes.
If a trusted person betrayed your trust then you have invisible hair-like cracks
hidden inside.

We may heal the obvious cracks and leave the tiny cracks hiding from repair to
explode inside us.

These wicked cracks resemble the invisible cracks in materials. Some materials
with hair-like cracks break spontaneously without warning when under stress.

Researchers have developed several materials to make the invisible cracks
self-healing. By injecting two chemicals in syringes, these open up when a crack
forms and the two chemicals react to form a crack-filling material.

However, humans who lost trust with each person-holding one syringe. Unless the
two are willing to open the syringes in their hands, no crack filling shall
Very often, we hide what irritates us and cracks form.

These have the tendency to propagate discretely. To stop their formation we need
to be open, release our anger and discuss irritants as soon as they appear.

If not the fragile glass-like cracks may break us into scattered pieces. How
could we assemble the glass cup of collaboration if some scattered pieces are

It is much easier to break trust and collaboration than to build them up again.


Posted by Ali Anani, PhD on LinkedIn