Investing in the circular economy – the next gold rush!

Since the beginning of 2020, assets managed through public equity funds with the
circular economy as the sole or partial investment focus have increased sixfold,
from USD 0.3 billion to over USD 2 billion.
This is because of the increasing realization that the circular economy is a
vital part of the fight against climate change. Globally, we produce 0.74
kilograms of waste per person per day, 70 % of this waste is not processed at
all and leads to 1.6 billion tons of CO2 annually, or approximately 5 % of
global emissions. Further, a circular approach in just five sectors (steel,
aluminium, cement, plastic, and food) can cut annual GHG emissions by 9.3
billion tonnes of CO2e in 2050, equivalent to the reduction that could be
achieved by eliminating all transport emissions globally. #NetZero #ESG

Originally posted by Namrata Rana on LinkedIn