Investing in a startup and getting your money multiplied over years is just a
starting point.

The world of Angel Investment opens up multiple opportunities to collaborate
with the startup founders... There is much more to Angel Investing than just
passively waiting for a good exit.

ClearDekho recently opened their franchise store in Mukund
Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra in collaboration with Prakash Kelkar.

- 81st store in India
- 4th store in Pune

Prakash has recently turned Angel Investor. Counting on his business growth
strategy expertise and network over last three decades, he has been guiding
startup founders and supporting their business development initiatives.

Proud of ClearDekho for growing the franchise store network at tremendous
speed... run-rate of 6 new stores every month!!

I invested in ClearDekho when they were a small company with some 25 franchise

So glad... I met these visionary founders Saurabh Dayal and Shivi Singh at an
early stage of their journey! :)

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Originally posted by MANDAR JOSHI on LinkedIn