šŸš€ Internal VC Memo Regarding Twitch šŸš€
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Get an inside look at how Bessemer Venture Partners does deals šŸ‘‡

BVP is a global venture firm with over $5B under management.

They funded Twitch in 2012 and led their series B.
Twitch is currently valued at $15B, but it was a baby in 2012 when this memo was

This internal BVP memo was written by David Cowan and Ethan Kurzweil 3 weeks
after Twitch CEO Emmet Shear pitched them.

This memo shows EXACTLY how VCs like Cowan and Kurzweil think about deals and
deal flow.

Some key takeaways from the memo:

šŸ”» BVP cared a lot about deal access (prospects like Twitch are a hot commodity)
šŸ”» VCs will do deep research and ask TONS of questions if they are interested.
šŸ”» Leadership makes a difference:
"Emmett has impressed us with his open leadership style, calm and effective
negotiating approach"
šŸ”» A clear path to ROI was the biggest theme of the memo

Twitch created FOMO in a $5B player like BVP with a <$25M valuation.

With access to BVP's decision-making process, you can uncover the key metrics
and competencies that make VCs want to make a deal NOW.

Read the whole memo for all the details šŸ‘‡

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