Internal link equity unchained. 🔗

Here's a helpful #seotip for quickly eliminating link dilution.

(Fancy way of saying for 'your internal links are 💩.)

Redirect chains are links that go through multiple stops before their final

For example, it might go page a > page b > page c.

When in reality you want the redirect go from page a > page c.

Actually, in a best case scenario, you'd have no internal links that redirect.
But, a single redirect won't kill your equity.

Go to the Ahrefs Internal Backlinks report and filter by all links with a
redirect chain.

Export that data and begin eliminating unnecessary hops.

You can do that via .htcaccess or, if you don't have dev resources, just go in
and update your internal links manually.

I have 450 I'm about to fix. A nice quick-win for my client. 🔥

#seo #linkbuilding

Posted by Ryan Darani - SEO Consultant on LinkedIn