Inspired by current events. Retail shopping in 2030.

You open an app
Select your location
See shops or stores in search results
Switch on 360 view mode on for the selected shop

Select Product category
App shows the view of the shelf along with arranged products, names, quantity,

You select the product & it slides from the shelf and fall into the autonomous
cart that moves around shelf to shelf.

You set delivery location & finally make the payment.

The cart moves to departure towards the autonomous delivery vehicle. The vehicle
allows the cart to enter into the carriage.

Autonomous vehicle follows the Map, reach the customers location.

You enter PIN to open the carriage followed by a new PIN to open the cart.

You collect the items. Marks delivered.

Process reversed & vehicle routed back to the shop.

Appropriate for shopping & delivery to a radius of 3-5 kms.

Although its a concept.

Can you think of how many individual products & auxiliary products can be built
around it?