Innovation is like Cholestrol...

There is a reason Jeff Bezos never took Amazon’s pole position Amazon for
granted. Look at what's happened in China!

Innovation is like good & bad cholesterol. Good innovation can make you survive
and even thrive, whereas bad or lack of innovation can simply kill.

The article in the WSJ notes :

- Pinduoduo is barely 5 years old and 'gamified' online shopping and made it a
discount game

- In terms of active users, it has overtaken Alibaba

- The insight is "A platform designed to offer the digital equivalent of a
stroll through a mall, users typically browse without having a particular
purchase in mind."

- This blew my mind!! Pingduoduo has several built in-games that engage its
visitors. One hit is “Duoduo Orchard,” where players nurture virtual fruit trees
to earn shopping vouchers, tangible prizes such as boxes of mangoes and kudos
from friends.

The HEADLINE " “Pinduoduo did one thing very well: We grasped the shift from
searching to browsing” as a social activity"

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My takeaways:

- NO Business or Industry is 'too big' to be disrupted. Size has no bearing on
sustainability or disruption.

- "Gamification" works! (With caution)

- Look ahead, not backwards, not sideways!