Indian YC companies are off the chart!!! 39 companies in this batch.

YC has placed a massive bet on India and they are correct in their thesis, once

India will become the future global hub of startup innovation for 3 reasons:

1) Young "home-grown" Talent - the massive amount of technical talent staying in
India is tremendous, and will prove to create the future world tech leaders

2) Consumption Market - India is a consumer's market - India has the third
largest PPP behind only the US and China. As Indian's earn, They Spend

3) Global Mindset - India is the 2nd largest English Speaking population second
to only the US. Indian's have family all over the world and are eager to explore
and learn from other countries.

The future is bright for Gen Z India.
Keep up the hard work and know your worth!
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Originally posted by Hershel Mehta on LinkedIn