Indian government tells WhatsApp to withdraw its “controversial” privacy policy

WhatsApp recently rolled out a new privacy policy according to which WhatsApp
will share certain data with it’s parent Facebook.

Lots of people left WhatsApp to join Telegram and Signal because those apps
promise to provide more privacy and security to your data.

Another important point was that WhatsApp was offered a different privacy policy
in European users. This is clear discrimination and no company should be allowed
to take Indian users for granted.

India is the largest market for WhatsApp in terms of number of users and such
discriminatory policy against Indian WhatsApp users is completely unacceptable.

WhatsApp should also transparently share what all information that are already
collecting and sharing with Facebook or other entities. User must be given full
control to opt out or opt in to any data access and data sharing as per his or
her own preferences.

What is your reaction to the new WhatsApp privacy policy changes?

Why do we still allow foreign companies to take Indian users for granted?

Did you already leave WhatsApp?

What messaging app do you think provides best privacy?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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