Indebted to Debt!

At OfBusiness we crossed the 1000+ Cr mark for debt raise for this financial
year across our commerce and lending businesses with year end raise still on..!

Building the business through the right mix of equity and debt and raising debt
at the right price/ covenants, is the mark of strong fundamentals and an
outstanding team effort. This is super critical to delivering a higher and
sustained RoE.

In this period, we added 14 new lenders to take the active lender tally to 40+.
Bulk of the new raise came from banks ensuring we could serve the needs of our
SME/ mid corporate segment at the right pricing.

Proud of Team Ofbusiness. Thanks to our lenders for showing confidence and
appreciating all the hard and smart work that has been done in these tough
times. #ofbusiness #finance #msme #B2Bcommerce #debtraise #resilience #lenders

Originally posted by Ruchi Kalra on LinkedIn